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What is Buddha Land?

Buddha Land is an independent, nonsectarian Buddhist platform that connects people with meditation, yoga and body cleansing retreats all over the world. Buddha Land is also a hub for Buddhist teachings and practices, Dharma education and Spiritual Growth.

Buddha Land provides you with a deeper knowledge
of Buddhist traditions, introducing Buddhist thinking
to everyone. We are unaffiliated with any particular teacher, sect or lineage.

Why Buddha Land?

Buddha Land is a platform that can provide you with
all the information you need for choosing your perfect retreat. On our website you will find free articles introducing the path of Buddhism, and inspirational
content for the understanding and practice
of Buddhism and meditation.

In the Buddha Land Store you can find anything you
need for mediation, yoga and Buddhist practice, such
as inspirational books, malas, meditation cushions, yoga equipment, incense and much more. Everyone from the absolute beginner to the committed Buddhist will find something interesting.

Buddha Land’s Mission

The mission of Buddha Land is helping people all over the world to find their perfect meditation, yoga and body cleansing retreats, depending on their available time, duration, ages and backgrounds;

Buddha Land is an independent foundation unaffiliated with any one lineage or sect. We praise universal values like compassion, generosity, wisdom, and peace. We introduce new perspectives and reachable practices for enlightened living.

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